Effective immediately, Ardent is implementing several policies in line with current CDC guidelines to ensure the safety of our customers and team members.


We now have a no-knock policy. When we arrive at a customer’s home, we will call rather than knocking. When the service is finished, all team-members will simply leave a notification on the door.

Exterior services will be performed in a normal fashion. If a customer's pest situation requires an interior treatment, we will carefully determine if anyone in the household has had symptoms of illness within 7 days. If they have had symptoms of illness, they must reschedule their appointment (at no additional charge) after their family has been symptom-free for 7 consecutive days.

If an interior service is necessary, team-members will wear a fresh pair of gloves (always) and a face mask (if available).

IMPORTANT: If ANY employee or their immediate family (those living within the same household) contracts COVID-19, the employee must remain absent from work and under quarantine while they recover.

In summary, to protect your health and to prevent any accidental transmission of germs, we ask that our employees:

1. We do NOT shake hands with customers

2. We always maintain a healthy distance of approximately 6 feet

3. We service interiors only upon request, and only when household members have not have symptoms of illness in the past 7 days

4. We ALWAYS use a clean set of gloves when servicing a home

5. We use a face mask when available

6. We stay home when ill and until fully recovered

7. We avoid touching eyes, nose, mouth or face

8. We use soap and water to wash hands after each service

9. We disinfect team-member iPads before each service

10. If something must be signed physically, we encourage the client to use their own pen/pencil

11. We handle cash and checks with gloves, and sanitize hands after gloves are removed

12. Our team-members are striving to be creative and use modern technology to our customers benefit whenever feasibly possible. (See something that you want to show a team-member before your home is being treated? Ask if you can FaceTime them. Need them to pay a bill? Call get autopay set up digitally.)


NOTE: The Pest Control Industry was declared by homeland security to be an essential service that is necessary to maintain the health and well-being of the population, and despite the many uncertainties that society is currently facing, I am optimistic about our industry and the future of our company. We are thankful to have the opportunity to serve our clients in a much-needed industry. Various pests spread germs and disease easily between dwellings; our work is vitally important to the many families who are doing their best to keep themselves safe and healthy in this uncertain time. We need to be on the same team. We are being extremely frugal and conscience with every decision we are making that could impact not only our employees lives but those of our customers as well.

We strive to be healthy, be smart, be kind….and do our best to serve those that are in need of our vital services. We can come out of this intact and healthy if we keep our focus on what ensures viability…which is providing the best service we can for our customers.