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Pest infestation could bring forth a multitude of problems. Most pests are vectors of dangerous diseases, and they could spread an infection inside your house. Pests are also invasive creatures, and once the infestation starts to be noticeable, it's usually late.

In most cases, the diseases these pests are carrying are often severe and need hospitalization. Also, the havoc these pests leave in your house is sometimes beyond repair. All of this costs a lot of money.

But you can prevent this from happening. Our Richmond pest control company is the best in the area. We provide an integrated pest management method that exterminates those pesky crawlers. Our award-winning Richmond pest control services helped many homeowners prevent severe housing damage and diseases.

Pest Control Services We Offer In Richmond, Virginia

Our top-notch pest control company offers a myriad of services. We have highly-experienced pest control technicians who are trained in the different areas of pest control service. We provide an effective, eco-friendly, and lasting solution to your pest and rodent problems.

We offer our services to both residential and commercial properties. Our company provides effective pest control in Richmond. We deliver the best solution to your pest infestation problem.

Termite Extermination & Control


In the United States, a termite infestation causes billions of dollars of housing damage. These nuisance wildlife critters feed on woods and paper. You can also find them destroying your pool liners and filtration systems. These annoying pests are tough to eliminate.

Ardent Pest Control provides a safe and effective treatment for your termite pest control needs. We can help you guarantee safe pest control results.

Flea Control


Fleas are parasites that latch onto your pets. In most cases, they only bite the animal they are attached to, but that can also bite humans. Fleas are vectors of Plague and Murine typhus disease. Our Richmond pest control company helps pet owners ensure that their place is free from fleas.

We provide an efficient and safe pest management solution.

Bed Bug Treatment


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) define bed bugs as a minuscule blood-feeding parasitic insect. Bed bugs are known to spread diseases. A bed bug bite is known to cause severe allergic reactions. We can effectively get rid of bed bugs from your home so you can have a sound and peaceful sleep at night.

Our company offers harmless treatment options.

Mosquito Control


CDC identifies mosquitoes as flying insects prevalent worldwide. There are two types of mosquitoes. Namely, they are nuisance mosquitoes and vector mosquitoes. Vector mosquitoes carry and spread infectious microorganisms, while nuisance mosquitoes bite but do not spread diseases.

We provide a comprehensive solution to mosquito infestation. Our company assures our clients that we offer a practical and harmless solution to their mosquito problems.

Rodent Control


If you spot a mouse running around your house, then it's time you call a rodent exterminator service from our Richmond Pest Control office. There's a high chance that you have more rodents in your home than you think. These common pests are known to reproduce quickly.

Ardent offers a free inspection. Schedule now before you miss the opportunity. Our harm-free rodent extermination eliminates even the worst rodent infestation.

Ant Control


Ants are annoying little critters that can destroy your home if left untreated. Carpenter ants are known to cause the same damage a termite can do to your house. These minute insects are found hidden behind wooden structures in your place.

Our proficient pest control company offers our customers superior solutions for their bug infestation problems. We ensure a pest-free home after we are done working in your house.

Spider Control


Open screen doors or broken windows can be the entry point of spiders. Though not all spiders are venomous, they may multiply inside your house if left untreated. Spiders are accidentally introduced inside your home.

Our Richmond pest control company's job is to remove nuisance wildlife critters out of your home. We are a leading expert in pest control in Richmond, VA.

Cockroach Control


Cockroaches are scavengers who feed on decaying material. These critters can introduce many diseases inside your house. They commonly bring food-borne illnesses to the place they are invading.

Ardent Servicing handle nuisance wildlife critters like cockroaches. Our practical approach to pest control and maintenance produces efficient results.

Millipedes Control


Millipedes are other creepy crawlers that can find their way into your house. These crawling insects thrive in a damp environment, which is why you will commonly find them in wet areas around your place. Millipedes are rarely known to bite or bring harmful diseases.

They enter your home through a crack in your door or walls. Ensuring that they are sealed can prevent these insects from entering your house. We also handle millipedes extermination and control.

Silverfish Control


Silverfish are insects that live in a moisture-rich environment. Because of this, they are commonly found crawling in your garden, lawn, or gutters. Silverfish are known to cause severe allergic reactions caused by their scales or droppings.

At Ardent Pest Control, we can handle silverfish to fully eliminate and control them from entering your home. Our extermination team in Ardent Pest Control comprises highly-trained professionals who have extensive experience in pest and termite control.

Cricket Control


Crickets are six-legged creatures known for the distinct chirping sound they make with their wings. Inside a house, crickets feed on fabrics. They chew on wool, cotton, or silk and are attracted to warm and damp surroundings.

Our extermination team is experienced in controlling indoor cricket infestation. We provide a customized treatment plan that addresses your needs.

Wasp Control


Wasps infestation inside or outside of your house can be a danger to anyone. These flying insects are known for the buzzing sound they create and their infamous stingers. In exterminating wasps in your area, it's important to note what species exist within your parameters.

Our expert team of wasp control technicians can help you identify the species of a wasp flying around your house. We will then provide a customized solution to eliminate these insects from your home.

Carpenter Bee Control


Their lack of yellow stripes can easily identify carpenter bees. Female carpenter bees often bore a hole in the wood to build their nests. These bees may cause structural damage to the wooden structures inside your house. You would not want this damaging insect to enter your home.

Fortunately, we handle this type of insect, and we can provide an effective solution to remove and control this insect from your household.

Fly Control


Flies are known to carry food-borne diseases. These flying insects commonly hover over garbages and animal droppings. Maintaining a clean space is crucial to prevent flies infestation, and you should not leave any foods uncovered. This will give them a chance to transmit harmful intestinal microorganisms to your meal.

If you are experiencing fly infestation in your house, call Ardent Pest Control right away. We can assure you that these nasty insects will be exterminated from your house.

Why Should You Choose Ardent Pest Control Services For Your Pest Problems?


Pests infestation is a persistent and annoying problem for homeowners. Removing nuisance wildlife critters can be a headache. At Ardent, we understand your frustration, and we can help you resolve these bothersome and recurrent pest problems.

We take an effective and comprehensive course of action. We make sure that we educate our clients about the situation they are facing. Ardent offers same-day service, so you don't have to wait for a long time to resolve your problem.

Some reasons why you should choose us are:

  • We take pride in listening to you.
  • We apply a powerful barrier to repel pests and insects from your home and do reapplication to ensure these pests won't return.
  • We deliver an exceptional customer experience to you.
  • We only use the most effective products on the market.
  • We service all year round and in all conditions.

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As an age-old saying goes, 'Prevention is better than cure.' It is better to ensure that your house is free from potentially harmful critters than to be complacent. If you suspect that your home is infested with crawlers, you should book an extermination service as soon as possible.

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How Ardent Pest Control Protects Your Home From Pests

All of our treatment plans are customized to your home and yard. We do this to ensure that you get the exact coverage you need to keep your home safe. All of our technicians and inspectors are experts in their field, so you can be sure that you are getting top-tier protection.


One of our expert technicians will inspect every inch of your home and business for pest activity. Then they will create a custom plan based on their findings.

Initial Service

Once your custom plan is created, we will treat your home and yard to give you immediate relief from pests. Then, we will create a boundary around your property to prevent more pests from entering.

Follow Ups

After the initial service, we will conduct regular maintenance to ensure that your pest problems remain solved. We will also conduct free inspections for problem pests, such as termites.

Ardent Guarantee

When it comes to pest control, we put our money where our mouth is. If we treat your home, and you're still seeing pests, we'll come back and retreat for free. We'll always have your back.


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