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Mosquitoes are a common nuisance during the summertime. They can transmit diseases, such as West Nile Virus, Zika Virus, and others. Controlling mosquitoes is important to help reduce the mosquito population and the risk of disease transmission.

What causes mosquitoes in Dallas?

Mosquitoes are attracted to different things depending on the species. Some mosquitos are drawn to human sweat and others are drawn to carbon dioxide. Mosquitoes can also be drawn to certain scents and colors.

Mosquitoes need water to breed, so they will often be found near standing water.

What are the common species of mosquitoes in Dallas?

The most common mosquitos in Dallas can be classified into two types: the Culex mosquitos and the Aedes mosquitos.


Culex mosquitos

The Culex mosquitos are more common in the city and they mainly bite at night. They can spread West Nile Virus, which is a serious illness.


Aedes mosquitos

The Aedes mosquitos are less common, but they can spread Zika Virus, Chikungunya Virus, and Dengue Fever.

Are mosquitos a big problem in Dallas?


Mosquitos are a big problem in Dallas TX. They can spread serious illnesses like West Nile Virus and Zika Virus. There have been outbreaks of Zika Virus in Dallas TX in the past.

To help control the mosquito population, the Dallas City Council has passed a mosquitos ordinance. The mosquitos ordinance requires residents to take steps to prevent mosquitos from breeding in their yards. Residents are also required to report stagnant water in their yards. Stagnant water is a perfect breeding ground for mosquitos.

The new program is called “Dallas County mosquitos”. It will use data from the Dallas County Health Department to help control the mosquitos. The program will target areas with high mosquito populations in Dallas.

Planning Special Events in the Summer?


If you’re planning a summer event, be sure to take steps to prevent mosquito bites. Mosquitoes can be a big annoyance at events, even in your own backyard. Some steps that you can take to reduce the mosquito population during your outdoor activities:

  • Use mosquito repellent
  • Wear long sleeves and pants
  • Keep mosquitoes out of your event space by using mosquito netting
  • Use mosquito traps

Are mosquito bites dangerous?

Mosquito bites are not typically dangerous, but they can be itchy and annoying. In some cases, a bite can lead to a skin infection. If you experience any symptoms following a bite, such as swelling, redness, or pain, be sure to seek medical attention.

What to do if you are Allergic to Mosquito Bites?


If you are allergic to mosquito bites, you may experience a skin reaction such as swelling, redness, and itching. To avoid being bitten by a mosquito start using insect repellent and wearing long sleeves and pants. If you experience a severe reaction, you may need to take prescription medication.

What Can You Do to Relieve a Mosquito Bite?


There are a few things you can do to relieve the itch and pain of bite site. Applying a cold compress or aloe vera gel can help, as can taking an over-the-counter antihistamine. If the bite seems particularly infected, you may need to take antibiotics.

If you experience a mosquito bite that is particularly severe, or if you are worried about a mosquito-borne illness, please contact your doctor.

What steps can I take to avoid being bit by mosquitos?


There are a few steps you can take to help reduce the chances of getting bit by mosquitos. Some tips include using mosquito repellent, avoiding areas where mosquitoes are prevalent, and wearing long sleeves and pants when possible.

If you live in an area that is prone to mosquito-borne illnesses, it is important to take extra precautions to avoid being bit by mosquitos. Mosquitoes can spread diseases such as Zika virus, West Nile virus, and malaria.

For more information on controlling mosquitoes in Dallas, please contact your local mosquito control authority. They can help you take the necessary steps to reduce the mosquito population in your area and protect you from mosquito-borne illnesses.

What methods are used for mosquito control?


There are a few methods that can be used for mosquito control in Dallas TX. One method is to reduce the number of places that mosquitoes can breed. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water, so eliminating or reducing stagnant water can help reduce the mosquito population. Eliminating standing water can include draining ponds, ditches, and other areas where water collects; cleaning up leaves and debris that can block drainage; and using larvicide to treat areas with stagnant water.

Insecticides for Mosquito Control

Another method of mosquito control is to use insecticides. Insecticides can be used to kill adult mosquitoes or to prevent them from breeding. Mosquito foggers and sprays are a common way to apply insecticides, but they should only be used as a last resort because they can be harmful to people and pets.

Natural Methods to Kill Mosquitoes


There are also a few natural methods of mosquito control that can be used. One is to use Mosquito Dunks, which are small disks that release Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (Bti), a bacterium that kills mosquito larvae. Another is to use Mosquito Bits, which are bits of Bti that can be sprinkled on standing water to kill mosquito larvae.

Mosquito control is important to help reduce the mosquito population and the risk of disease transmission. By using a variety of methods, you can help keep Dallas TX free from mosquitoes and the diseases they transmit.

Mosquito Control Service in Dallas Texas

Mosquito control service is a vital part of summer. If you are planning a summer event it's a good idea to reach out to your local pest control company. Many offer free estimates and treatment for mosquito infestations.

Dallas is a large metropolitan city and as such, there are many different types of pests that can invade homes. Mosquitoes are one of the most common pests in Dallas and can be a real nuisance during the summer months.

What is the Best Way to Eliminate Mosquitoes?

The best way to eliminate mosquitoes is to call a local pest control company for a free estimate. Most exterminator companies offer treatment for free or at a discounted price if you sign up for a year-long contract.

Exterminator companies in Dallas also provide other services, such as termite control and rodent control. If you are having any other pest problems, be sure to ask the pest control company about their services.

How Ardent Can Help With Your Mosquito Problem


Mosquitoes can be a real nuisance, not to mention a health hazard. At Ardent, we offer various treatments to help you get rid of these pesky critters. We are a family owned business and we stand by our great service.

Our treatments are safe for both people and pets, and they are effective at controlling mosquitoes on both residential and commercial properties. Call us today for a free estimate.

Backpack Misting

Backpack Misting is a mosquito treatment service that uses a backpack misting machine operated by one of our trained service technicians. The machine emits a fine mist that covers all landscaped areas and mosquito breeding grounds, including bushes, shrubs, and any areas with water. The mist will also kill any mosquito larvae in the area. In addition to the initial treatment, we will return to the property every 30 days while in-season (April-October) to re-treat the area and ensure that the mosquito population is kept at bay.

Our recurring backpack misting service comes with a service warranty. If you have any questions or concerns about our service, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to answer any of your questions.

In2Care System

At Ardent, we offer mosquito treatments that target both adults and larvae. Our In2Care mosquito trap system uses green ingredients that are placed close to the house, typically in the shrubs. This allows us to target the areas where mosquitoes are most likely to rest during the day. By placing the traps out of sight and in the shade, we can extend the trap's effectiveness at reducing the mosquito population on your property. Call us today to learn more about our mosquito services!

Protective Barrier Treatment

One of the best ways to protect your home from mosquitoes is to apply a Protective Barrier Treatment outdoors. This treatment is applied around the outside of the home and will create a barrier that will help keep mosquitoes from entering.

This Treatment is made up of two parts: insecticide and mosquito attractant. The mosquito attractant will lure mosquitoes to the treated area, where they will come into contact with the insecticide and die.

The treated area is safe for both people and pets, and it will last up to 90 days. Call us today to learn more about our mosquito control services!

Why Choose Ardent for Your Pest Problem?


When it comes to mosquito control Dallas residents have a few different options. Most pest control companies offer free mosquito treatment services, which can be a great way to get rid of these pesky critters.

At Ardent, we offer several different mosquito treatments that are safe for both people and pets. We also have a recurring backpack misting service that comes with a service warranty. We love to help out the local community by solving their pest problem.

Ardent's Satisfaction Guarantee

We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our treatments, so you can be sure you're making the best decision for your needs.

If you're looking for an effective and affordable mosquito control solution, Ardent Pest Control is here to help. Give us a call today to get a free quote and learn more about our mosquito treatments!

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